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14 Essential Tools and Resources You’ll Love

Tools and Resources I Recommend.

These are the tools and resources that I use on a regular basis.

  1. Konker – My “Go To” outsourcing resource for finding freelancers, content writers, graphic designers and coders.
  2. ThriveCart – Without doubt the best platform for managing sales. ThriveCart knocks everyone else out of the water for customer support, innovation and flexibility. It is simply the best.
  3. Viddyoze – I use this resource to create animated intros and outros for my videos. Having a consistent brand to open and close your videos makes them stand out as professional.tools and resources
  4. Content Samurai – This is one of the best video creation tools on the market (I’m sure you’ve seen loads!) combine this with Viddyoze and video production becomes a breeze. Click the link claim a Free Trial
  5. Destiny – Don’t let the stupid name put you off! This is a comprehensive training course on how to use FB Messenger chat bots to build a list, grow your business and generate income. It’s well worth the small investment and is much better than similar courses that cost over $400.
  6. Kajabi – I love building niche based membership sites and Kajabi offers a great, easy to use platform for managing membership sites.
  7. KDSpy – It’s well worth investing in thorough niche research and this tool makes it easy to research niche topics on Amazon. KDSpy has been around a long time and I recommend you get version 5.0 which is the most up to date.
  8. Money Robot – SEO can be a nightmare. That’s why I love to invest in tools that are proven, have been around for a while and are well supported. MoneyRobot automates a lot of the tedious processes involved in SEO and gives you the flexibility to build backlinks at several levelstools and resources - money robot
  9. UpViral – I invest daily in activities that help me to build my list of subscribers. UpViral is one of those tools that get regular use. It’s a fantastic resource for creating and managing viral contests and give-aways.
  10. Spin Rewriter – You won’t find any spun content on any of my main websites. My readers and customers are much too discerning! However, I do spin some content for SEO purposes and there is only one Spin Rewriter that can create content at an acceptable quality.
  11. LeadModo – Is another excellent list building tool. I use it to create entertaining quizzes, surveys and contests.
  12. FB Ads Mastery – From JayKay Dowdall, the creator of “Destiny”. This time he chose a name that is self explanatory! I learned how to get a much better ROI on my FB advertising budget. (I recovered my small investment very quickly!)
  13. Designrr – An amazing time saver! This will covert any URL into a PDF. Great for creating lead magnets, for saving sales letters of products you’ve bought, to create a swipe file and much more.
  14. Instant Social Profits 2.0 – Did I tell you that I love to build niche based membership sites? Of course I did. I learned a lot from this comprehensive course. It explains the best way to create and grow Facebook Groups and how to monetise them. I use the strategy to build niche based groups to feed qualified traffic into my paid membership sites. Just do it!