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It really doesn’t matter how good an author you are. It doesn’t really matter how good your book cover is.

The most important part of publishing is creating a product that has a hungry audience with cash to spend.

Quite a while ago, a software developer came to me for marketing advice and for help with building a website. He had created a software programme that made it easier for him to manage the time he spent on developing software.

I asked him who he had designed the software for. His reply was “For me”. I asked him if he knew of other people who had the same problem that the software helped to solve. I got another short reply: “No”.

This software engineer had invested over 2,000 hours of his time developing a product with only one customer. He had done absolutely no research.

Publisher Rocket - Publishing Success ToolNeedless to say, I politely explained why I was unable to help him. I felt very sorry for him. 2,000 hours is a lot of work for no return. It’s a pity he hadn’t had access to Publisher Rocket. He would have been able to spend less than 20 minutes to research the market and to determine if his product had commercial potential.

But I digress…

As I was saying. The most important part of publishing is creating a product that has a hungry audience with cash to spend.

There is no point in creating a book that isn’t going to sell. There’s no point in designing a cover for a book which isn’t going to sell.

Your priority must be to seek out a non-fiction category, or fiction genre, where there are a group of people desperate to buy a book that solves a problem or a book that satisfies their need for a ripping yarn.

Of course, you can do your research manually. You can spend hours browsing through the Amazon book store looking for ideas. You can look at the sales rankings of the books in your chosen category or genre. There are Chrome browser plugins that can help with your analysis, there are websites that provide “calculators” to work out the potential sales volume and potential royalty income.

You need to know…

  • The exact keywords your ideal customer will type into Amazon’s search box.
  • An accurate estimate of the search volume
  • The income potential of the category or genre
  • How many other authors you will be competing with

I used to do all my own research manually. Until I found Publisher Rocket and now instead of spending hours looking through my niche markets, I literally spend minutes.

Not only does Publisher Rocket help me to find profitable book topics, but it also helps me to quickly and easily set up exact match Amazon advertising campaigns without wasting my advertising cash on imprecise targeting.

Oh, and did I tell you that it’s a one-off investment. There’s no recurring monthly fee. Check it out now…


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