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Niche Market Research

Niche marketFinding a Niche Market is Easy With These Proven Tips…

I spotted the above question on Facebook and here’s a slightly expanded version of the reply I posted.

1. Review products related to your target market on JVzoo, Clickbank, Warrior+, and other affiliate market places. Look at the statistics for products with high refund rates and consider how you might be able to build a better version.

2. Look through relevant best selling books on Amazon and look at the 1* and 2* reviews for problems/missing info. These “information gaps” offer great ideas and suggestions for content.

3. Pick a category and do some in depth keyword research. Neil Patel’s Uber Suggest is free keyword research tool that will allow you to dig into your market. I recommend that you export your keyword list as a spreadsheet so you can analyse the data in detail.

4. Search Quora & Yahoo Answers for popular questions common problems. Watch out for questions that seek a solution to a problem or a pain point. These offer great potential for blog content, free reports and premium content for ebooks or membership sites.

5. Search Google for “your topic keyword”+FAQ and compile a list of the most frequently asked questions. Again, these questions offer great ideas for content. Consider adding a FAQ section on your website or blog.

6. Set up Google Alerts for the top five keyword phrases in your niche. Google alerts will help you to keep abreast of hot news topics and emerging tends. Being the first to break the news in your niche market will help to establish your credibility and authority.

7. Sign up to PLR seller’s lists and monitor the topics they choose. Let’s face it, the vendors of PLR products should already have done the market research to ensure their is a demand for their products.

8. Set up a survey to ask people in your target to identify their pain points. You can glean a great deal of information about your ideal customer by running a survey. Check out my review of Lead Modo for a quick and easy way of setting up surveys, quizzes and building a list

By now you should have a list of keywords, a comprehensive list of questions and some great ideas for creating content that will have a strong appeal to your target customer.

Lead Modo Review

Leadmodo – a quiz, survey and poll solution has just gone live.

But this is like no other. Leadmodo ACTIVELY integrates with ManyChat to help you build a list of an ENGAGED audience in your Facebook messenger. That way, you can communicate with them via broadcasts – right inside Facebook.

Have you ever seen the front cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine?

The next time you’re anywhere near a news-stand, check it out. It’s a fantastic resource for swiping attention grabbing headlines. And, there one specific type of headline that always catches my eye…

What type of lover are you?
What’s your fashion type?
What kind of animal are you?
and do on…

Those headlines are designed to get you to open the magazine. And, to do that, you’ve got to buy it!

Now imagine that you can do that here on the largest social media platform. And, you are able to connect your quiz to Messenger so that you can build a list of engaged and responsive prospects.

Quit imagining and click here to Grab LeadModo Now!

By the way, there’s a live demo of LeadModo on the sales page. I’m a Polo Bear! What kind of marketing animal are you?



Here’s how Leadmodo works:

Step 1: Choose your quiz/survey/poll template

Step 2: Personalize it

Step 3: Publish it on your website (or use our hosted pages)

Then – you can see your list GROWING with new subscribers – including those on your FB Messenger.

Leadmodo cleverly helps you build BOTH your email and messenger list.

Not a lot of apps out there help you do that.

In that – this app is TRULY unique.

In fact – here are some of the other features Leadmodo includes:

  • Converts Website Visitors Into Facebook Messenger Leads
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  • Seamlessly Integrates With ManyChat

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